Yellow Pig Day

So there were two guys, Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly, who were math students at Princeton, and their assignment was to analyze the properties of the number 17. (Brownie points to anyone who can thinkThe legendary yellow pig. of 10 interesting facts about the number 17! No, wait... You probably have more of a life than that...) Well, as you can imagine, thinking about the number 17 and ONLY the number 17 for too long probably made them go a little delirious, and they suddenly came up with the idea of a new majestic mythical creature: the yellow pig. Their yellow pig had seventeen toes, seventeen teeth, seventeen eyelashes.... And so on. So on July 17, please take a moment of silence to honor this majestic creature. (cough)

Actual Date
July 17

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
Mathematicians in colleges and universities everywhere celebrate Yellow Pig Day by eating Yellow Pig Cake and singing Yellow Pig Carols (?). Want to make your own cake to celebrate? Also, don't forget to check out Pig Day!


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