Underdog Day

Dr. Watson, one of today's celebrated underdogs.Origins
In 1976, Underdog Day was created to honor the heroes in stories that are not usually recognized and don't get any credit for anything, like Sherlock Holmes' Dr. Watson. Today, Dr. Watson is not just a side kick! Today, DR. WATSON IS A HERO!!! (cough)

Actual Date
December 19

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
The original meaning of the word "underdog" originated from sawsmen who built ships. Planks of wood called "dogs" were placed over the top of a pit, and two men would have to supervise the placing of these planks. One man would stand on top of the planks, and one man would stand underneath the planks in the dark pit, where he would be covered in sawdust. This poor, sorrowful man was known as the underdog.


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