Thomas Crapper Day

An exact replica of one of the original "crappers."Origins
Thomas Crapper Day was created, obviously, to honor Thomas Crapper, the man who supposedly invented the toilet. The original date of this holiday was January 17, because he was believed to have died on January 17, 1910, but later it was discovered through research that his actual death date was on January 27.

Actual Date
January 27

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
  • Thomas Crapper did not invent the toilet. He held four patents on improvements to drains, three for "water closets," one for "manhole covers," and one for pipe joints.
  • Though he didn't invent the toilet, he made major contributions to plumbing, as one can see after reading the list of accomplishments above. The first toilet, the "crapper," was also named after him.
  • The man who really did invent the toilet worked for Thomas Crapper.
  • It is not certain how the slang term "crap" came about. It could have derided from Crapper's last name, but it also could have derided from the Dutch "Krappe," the German "krape" (a disgusting, inedible fish), or the Middle English "crappy."

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