Snowman Burning Day

One of the official Snowman Burning festivals at LSSU.Origins
Snowman Burning Day was first celebrated in March of 1971 at LSSU by the Unicorn Hunters. It was created to celebrate the transition from winter to spring, in a horrible sort of way. (Would you want to be burned just so other people can welcome a new season?!) The idea for Snowman Burning Day came from Germany's Rose Sunday Festival, where the mayor of each town burns a straw snowman to welcome spring, but only if the children of the town have been good all year!

Actual Date
March 20

Other Interesting Facts
  • Not only Americans celebrate Snowman Burning Day... The Swiss do too!
  • Lake Superior State University has a Snowman Burning Day festival every year. (People near Lake Superior are probably especially excited about the end of winter because it's one of the coldest areas of the country.)

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