Sandwich Day

The entrance to the town of Sandwich.Origins
John Montagu, also known as the fourth Earl of Sandwich, decided one day in 1762 that he wanted to be able to play poker with one hand and eat with the other. He ordered his cooks to serve him meat and vegetables between two slices of bread so he could do this. (This is how the name "sandwich" came along.) John made sandwiches very popular around the world, and they've lasted even today. His birthday is the date we've chosen to use to celebrate Sandwich Day.

John Montagu, the fourth Earl of SandwichActual Date
November 3

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
  • Hamburgers, a popular type of sandwich in the USA, is the second most-eaten lunch by employees in the United States. Its only rival is fruit, which is the first most-eaten lunch/snack.
  • Sandwich was, in the medieval times, the main port of Kent and the UK.
  • The town of Sandwich was named such because, in Saxon, "sandwich" means "land of the sand."
  • James Cook originally named the Hawaiian islands "the Sandwich Isles" in honor of John, who was his financial sponsor as an explorer.


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