New Year's Dishonor List Day

I am a unicorn hunter!  FEAR ME!!!Origins
The Unicorn Hunters is a group of people that decide which words and phrases are dishonorable to the English language, and every year on New Year's Dishonor List Day, they release a list of words/phrases that they've decided should be deleted from the English language. (Why would anyone waste their entire year deciding what words are dishonorable?)

Actual Date
January 1

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
Want some examples of phrases that have been banned by the Unicorn Hunters in the past?
  • "partly sunny" -- Apparently "partly sunny" does not always mean "the sun is partially covered by clouds"... It can also mean that there is a solar eclipse. Therefore, this phrase is dishonorable to the English language. (?)
  • "shower activity" -- Rain is not the same thing as a shower. You shouldn't encourage people to bathe in rain. *cough* Right.
  • "turned-up missing" -- Something that has "turned-up" can't be missing.... I guess....
  • "colorization" (coloring the classic black-and-white movies) -- Why must there be a term like colorization? Why can't we simply call it "coloring films"? (I, personally, think colorization is a really fun word and is preferable over "coloring films" any day. =D)

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