National Dice Day

I'm not sure how Dice Day got started, but people usually celebrate by... Ermm... Polishing their dice... And... Playing Monopoly... Yeah.

Actual Date
December 3

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
  • In Ancient Greece, dice were considered not to be lucky, but were supposedly controlled by the gods. The first dice were made with sticks, seashells, nut shells, and pebbles, but later dice were made of animal knucklebones before today's modern dice. And I don't know what today's dice are made of.
  • Oh, and did you know that the singular form of the word "dice" is actually "die" or "dice cube"?
  • There's an official National Dice Day game. It's called... *drumroll please* DICE! Wow, how original! All you do, basically, is get together with a few friends and roll a dice cube/die. (If you want to make things REALLY exciting, roll TWO dice!) Multiply the number you roll by 100. The person with the highest score after 5 rolls wins. Woot.

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