Hula in the Coola Day

Hula in the COOLA?! WHAT?!! This is DEFINITELY a what-the-heck holiday!

Hula dancers...  Except they're not in MICHIGAN.  They're on the warm, sunny beach, where they BELONG.Origins
Hula in the Coola Day was created because, basically, people in the northern states were getting sick and tired of the crappy cold weather during the winter, and by February, they were ready for some HEAT already! So they decided to buy some hula skirts, toss their coats, mittens, pants, and scarves into a closet for the day, and go outside and do the hula like idiots who are trying to catch pneumonia. They thought that, if they tried hard enough, they could simply forget about the cold weather and trick themselves into thinking it was the nice, hot summer. (Apparently, accomplishing this means having to go outside in nothing but a grass skirt and some coconut shells and dancing.)

Actual Date
February 1

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
Umm, how much more interesting does it GET?!
Well, one of the other traditions of Hula in the Coola Day is drinking cold, Bahama-style drinks. (So you can be cold on the outside AND on the inside! Hey, maybe they can actually succeed in freezing their blood lines!)

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