Answer Your Cat's Question Day

Aww, how can you resist answering this little sweetie?Origins
You know how cats always just look at you? And then you try to play with them, or pet them, or give them a treat, and all they do is look at you? Well, someone decided to explain this unsettling act of simply looking by saying that cats look at us because they're trying to ask us a question. So today is the day to answer your cats questions. Today is the one day where curiosity will NOT kill the cat! (Wow, does this holiday sound like people are cuckoo or WHAT?!)

Actual Date
January 22

Other Interesting Tid-Bits
  • Ever heard someone use to the phrase "like a cat's eye"? This refers to the way a cat's eye looks, because it's different than most animals. Most animals (including humans) have round irises, but a cat's eyes are like vertical slits.
  • You can see light through a cat's ear.
  • If you put cat pee under a black light it glows.

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